WeWomyn Purple Privilege

Bodhi Tree is not a women-only property, we welcome all. However Bodhi Tree offers special privilege for Women travelers, under the scheme, Wewomyn Purple Privilege. Women travelers (Single / Group or with children) get priority in reservation, and get special rates.

Bodhi Tree also offers special rates to women travelers who visit Kolkata for volunteering / social / NGO related work.

Write to bodhitree.cal@gmail.com / bodhitree.cal@hotmail.com and mention Wewomyn Purple Privilege at the time of making a reservation.

This special privilege is the brainchild of Santasree Chaudhuri ( Entrepreneur & Woman Activist ).

One of the motivations to start Bodhi Tree was to provide safe and secured accommodation to women travelers from all over the globe.

Santasree Chaudhuri provides holistic advise, legal strategy and assistance to the victims of domestic violence and gender discrimination.

She focuses on Education, Entrepreneurship and Empowerment, and helps women to come into the mainstream as enlightened survivors.

She also campaigns against corruption, violation of human rights and social in-justice, and works for the causes of minority communities.

You can connect with Santasree Chaudhuri through www.facebook.com/santasree.chaudhuri and follow her on Twitter (Iamsantasree )

Each individual has an opportunity to make a difference.

– His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama